Barringon High School Class of 1968

Welcome, everyone!

Welcome to the Barrington (Rhode Island) High School, Class of '68 website. If you haven't been back lately, the school is still there, some of your classmates are still there, and the old home town is looking better than ever. About 1/3 of the class is still in R.I., and another large group is in Massachusetts. Florida is becoming popular, too. Check the Find a Friend page to see if we have your current information. If not, please get in touch on the Contact Us page.

50th reunion, September 14–16, 2018

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Reunion was a success! Look for photos on the Reunion page of this site.

Find us on Facebook, too!

Most of the reunion photos will be found on our Facebook page. Go to and search for Barrington, RI - Class of 1968. You will have to join the group first. Instructions areon the Class News page.

If you couldn't make it, we'd love to hear from you. Send photos and tell us how to find you by using the form on the Contact Us page.



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