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Class News

Reunion weekend, Sept. 14–16, 2018

Reunion was a smashing success. The weather was perfect. The Wharf Tavern and Barrington Yacht Club were lovely venues. Lots of people showed up! What else could we possibly need? Oh, yes--the food was excellent, too. Check on the Reunion page on this site for photos. And go to Facebook to find more. (See below for instructions.)

Please note that this website will be up only through August, 2019. After that, we will probably use Facebook exclusively for class news and photos.

If you're already on Facebook, simply search for Barrington, RI - Class of 1968. If not, and if you're reluctant to join, you can join with a fake name. Here's how:

Note that the procedure involves using both Facebook and gmail.

If you want to access Facebook and be completely anonymous by not using an existing gmail account, create a gmail account just for Facebook at https://accounts.google.com/signup/v2/webcreateaccount?hl=en-GB&flowName=GlifWebSignIn&flowEntry=SignUp

Steps to create a “fake” profile on Facebook:

1. Go to Facebook Sign Up at https://www.facebook.com/

2. On this page, enter your fake first and fake last name.

3. Then enter the gmail account you wish to use.

4. Next, enter a fake birthdate.

5. Write down all this fake info so you don't forget who you are!

6. Click Enter and you are in!

7. Your profile page will “pop up” and will have your fake name and nothing else.

8. You DO NOT have to add anything else to the page!

9. This fake version of yourself will then give you access to Facebook, enabling you to see all. However, you will not be able to post, message, “like,” “friend,” etc.

10. At the top of your profile page there is a search box. Type in Barrington, RI - Class of 1968

11. When you get to the Class Facebook page, click on “Join” under the picture of the high school.

12. Then send Peggy an email (shrppeg22@gmail.com) by your regular email and let Peggy know what your “fake” name is and she will accept your Facebook request to join our secure site. You will only have to do this once!

13. You will now be able to see everything and everyone on our Barrington, RI - Class of 1968 Facebook page!

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